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my name is Robert Farah, I am the founder and owner of 416 Property Buyers. 

I am a qualified residential Real Estate professional with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts from York University in Financial and Business Economics, and am underway to completing my Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure from Schulich School of Business in 2021.

In 2015 I started 416 Property Buyers as a determined effort to make a deliberate impact by helping homeowners get out of stressful and binding situations.

When I was young, my family inherited land that had troublesome tenants; they were using the house on this land for illegal drug use. They were practically destroying the property. At the time, we didn't know that there were other options available for selling a house so we listed the property for sale and received one unfair offer after another. It took almost two years to sell until, eventually, we settled on a sub-par selling price.

Looking back, if I could have known that there are real estate investors that are willing to purchase distressed property in "as-is" condition, the sale of our inherited real estate could have gone much more quickly and would have saved my family a lot unnecessary effort and expenditures that came along with maintaining the property and evicting the tenants.

By learning about your unique situation and we can create a customized experience for solving your related property and/or financial needs.

We have bought and sold homes all around Ontario and have the experience to ensure a smooth and simple process all the way to closing.

We are in the business of helping people create new beginnings. 


So here is my offer to you: a commission-free, quick exit with no fee's or initial obligations.

There is an abundance to gain, and nothing to lose.

Contact us to learn more.

From my home to yours,

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Tel: 416-669-5843



Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm EST

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